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It is not easy at all to take care of acne-prone skin, and in particular, is extremely counterproductive if we do it the wrong way. Let's take a quick look at the 5 mistakes that women often encounter when taking care of their acne skin with Lá House.

1. Cleanse skin insufficiently 

One of the prerequisites in acne treatment is to keep the skin clean and clear so that there is no environment for bacteria to grow. After waking up or returning home at night, you use Mineral mud cleanser of Lá to cleanse off excess oil, makeup, and accumulated dirt. After that, you further use our Acne Control Toner to wipe again the face for cleansing a second time, return the skin to a clear surface, each pore deep clean, pH balance, and moisture so that nutrients in the next step (acne serum, cream) can penetrate the fastest.

2. Change acne treatment products continuously
Taking care of acne skin is a matter of tenacity because the special active ingredients in acne products, such as Lá House's Acne Control Serum, take time to fully develop. However, many women are impatient, so they rush to change acne products continuously, which is both costly and counterproductive.

3. Squeeze pimples with bare hands
One of the most common mistakes that women can encounter is using their hands to squeeze pimples. Hands are a place that contains a lot of bacteria when not cleaned, they will be the main factor that transmits bacteria to pimple spots causing severe inflammation and making acne worse. Thus, try to avoid squeezing pimples with your bare hands or using unsterilized acne removal tools.

4. Do not clean makeup tools
Powder brushes, makeup brushes, foundation blending sponges, etc. are ideal environments for bacteria to grow because of their soft, moist, sticky properties, and little cleaning. Therefore, when using these tools, especially when shared with other people, you inadvertently introduce bacteria into the facial skin, making acne worse and difficult to treat. Thus, do not share makeup tools and should clean your makeup tools at least once a month.

5. Do not change pillowcases, bed sheets regularly
Blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases are places where acne-causing bacteria we do rarely expect the most. When you sleep, you will rub your skin directly into those places, bringing further bacteria into the skin and making acne worse. Therefore, we should clean bed sheets and pillowcases regularly to avoid bacteria from entering and causing acne.


What is solution for this situation? Let Lá House recommend you this! 

Lá House's new acne control combo is remarkably effective in quickly causing inflammatory acne to collapse; hidden acne, blackheads are pushed up, dark acne fades. In addition, the combo also helps the skin to have good antibacterial properties, providing beneficial nutrients for the skin. Please use from 1 week, you will see the acne condition is significantly reduced, the skin is healthily regenerated  again.

Product information in the combo:

The Acne Control Toner with natural extracts helps to remove dirt and excess makeup on the skin. Special formula is specifically for acne-prone skin, helping prevent acne and reduce oily skin, soothe and moisturize the skin.
Formula based on Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - The only moisturizing active ingredient that is absorbed into the dermis to provide excellent moisture and hydration. Other natural extracts such as Pumpkin Seed Oil, Poria Mushroom, Tea Tree, Rosemary Leaf, etc. will support antibacterial skin, skin brightening, even skin tone, effectively pore tightening. At the same time, the Toner helps lead the nutrients contained in serums and creams of the following care steps absorbed into the skin.

The perfect formula with outstanding natural extracts such as, Turmeric (soothes skin, moisturizes skin, prevents aging), Lotus Leaf (prevents acne, effectively reduces acne), Tea Leaf (reduces oily skin), Bee Venom (prevents acne and reduces dark spots of acne), etc. Simultaneously, it combines safe skin whitening, pore tightening, and reduction of dark spots from acne without irritating the skin.

- Use twice a day (morning and night).
- Cleanse the face. Absorb Toner with a cotton pad, then wipe the entire face and neck. Take an appropriate amount serum at four points: forehead, chin and cheeks, then gently massage. The last step is the moisturizer cream to lock in moisture, this step is extremely important for your skin care to achieve the highest efficiency.

Take care of your acne skin according to the standard regimen to thoroughly solve the causes of acne, nourish your skin to be smoother and healthier

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