Post by Phạm Nguyễn Kim Duyên at 26.08.2021

Do you know that a lot of people having their skin age older than their actual age is because of lack of care, lack of moisture?

Do you know that if you take the right skincare with cosmetics containing ingredients - extracts for your skin problems, your skin will be several years younger in just a few months?

Currently, La House has a program for participation in skin analysis to receive a facial cleanser if you correctly guess your skin age, from April 30, at 88 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1, HCM and Lá's showroom in Crescent Mall Phu My Hung. Are you excited?

By chatting with a lot of customers, Lá know that there are still plenty customers who don't understand their own skin problems. You even do not consider the importance of skin analysis by a machine, and only care for the skin when it is clearly down or do because you see other people do.

It is not difficult to understand the skin and nourish it to look younger and prettier, even you have a basis to effectively evaluate whether the amount bought cosmetics to really improve your skin, without running after ads, and following this brand or that brand.

The modern skin analysis machine will let you understand scientifically, transparently, and properly.

That's also the RIGHT PRICE SKIN CARE way.

[Specifically, Lá's AstaLock Skin Regeneration and Restoration Essence - Bestseller is promoted with a gift of a day (or night) cream, you can try it out now. You firstly experience the skin analysis, after that, use it for your skincare regime for 2-3 weeks and then return to the skin analysis and compare the indicators of moisture, elasticity, melanin, wrinkles, including the amount of acne-causing bacteria on the skin, etc. Lastly, you will be surprised by the result of before and after treatment!]

Lá's shops is using the M3 Mirror Smart Pro skin analysis applied the most advanced technology now with modern design and direct manipulation on the machine. 

The machine captures full face with 3 light sources (the light RGB, polarized light PL and spectroscopy technology UV) combined with the AI to optimize and provide accurate skin analysis results.

The machine is capable of general analysis and gives detailed results of 12 skin problems: moisture, pores, wrinkles, skin texture, bacteria (porphyrins), UV spots, melanin spots (brown spots), vascular lesions, etc.

A special feature of the machine is that it can predict skin aging condition after 3-5 years.

Don't worry about the consultant "pushing" you to buy the product after skin analysis, Lá House undertakes that this thing will never happen here.

You use the skin analysis to understand your skin, you buy products when you want to buy them.


Lá House - Believe in NATURE

Lá House - The cosmetic brand using ingredients officially imported from Europe, USA, Japan, and etc. with full safety certification documents granted by the Ministry of Health.

Lá House products are for taking care of the skin and improving skin defects with natural ingredients, aiming for safe and benign therapy for users including pregnant women, nursing mothers and pubescent girls/boys.

Lá House - The Vietnamese trademark of which product value corresponds to the value of each quality and effective formula and ingredients, are trusted by a large number of Vietnamese women in our country and foreign countries.

Trademark has been registered for exclusive protection.

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