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When life has too many worries, people often do not pay much attention to mental health but only focus on physical health.  However, in reality, physical and mental health are closely related. Have you ever woken up after a deep night of sleep and felt exhausted both physically and mentally but still have to try to prepare to prepare for a new working day? Let's consult about aromatherapy and the great effects they bring!

What is Aromatherapy? 
Aromatherapy is scent treatment, either through the sense of smell or applied directly to the skin. Scent when acting on the body will have the ability to restore health, improve the spirit and complement other therapies such as physical therapy, chemotherapy, massage therapy. Although there is still a lot of controversy because the way aromatherapy works is not very clear, the reality shows that many people have used this method and feel a positive difference that increases over time.

Scent - Therapeutic Solution and the Key to Emotions

Scent, like life, has all the joys and sorrows and evokes different stories, so it is not natural that people liken that scent is the key to emotions.  Perhaps that is also the reason that aromatic substances are used for the purpose of balancing, relaxing, bringing both body and mind to rest. Aromatherapy is the perfect combination of science and art, when one is immersed in the symphony of scent, the body also finds a way to protect itself from sorrow, fatigue.
Each fragrance family has different uses, but the first priority is still how you feel about that scent. Here are some uses of common scents that we may encounter:

  • Jasmine: improves spirit, regulates blood, strengthens the immune system, balances hormones
  • Lavender: relieves stress, soothes aches and pains, brings better and deeper sleep
  • Sandalwood: relaxes the mind, treats insomnia, bronchitis, and has an effective antiseptic effect

Lá Parfum suggest you a scent that will help you start a new day peacefully in Saigon

The scent is a blend of ingredients when the scent of flowers and berries creates a sweet and cool, but cleverly breaks the way with the warmth and beauty of sandalwood notes in final. The scent fully embodies youthfulness and dynamism to give you a fresh new day.


  • The top notes: Tangerine, Pineapple, Raspberry
  • The middle notes: Peonies, Passionfruit, Violet
  • The base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk.

Price: VND 290,000/bottle of 10ml

Lá Parfum hope that each scent will help you have a long, enjoyable day. Please contact Lá follow the link: to choose the most suitable scent for you!

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